Catchment Services combines over 20 years’ experience in environmental management with a team of dedicated people qualified in a variety of scientific and environmental fields.  It is a specialised ecological consulting company in revegetation and land management services, aquatic and terrestrial biological surveys and environmental monitoring. It is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We are a leader in the protection of waterways in the South East Queensland region and have a strong committment to the community and we are regularly involved in community based projects. We aim to use the profits generated in our work to support these projects . Catchment Services has an environmental policy we strongly believe in and that long term goals about sustainability are important for the welfare of future generations.

Our competitive advantage is demonstrated in recent projects through South East Queensland and our drive to provide the very best service provides Maroochy Catchment Services with a higher level of expertise in relation to other contractors.

The value add that we can bring to your contracts is the ability to have a competitive pricing strategy with profits generated going to further environmental works in the region.

Quality assurance, environmental management and adherence to best practice health and safety procedures allows our projects to be completed with the highest regard for contractual compliance and project outcomes.


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